This Mini Big Top is a tensile structure. It has similar design properties to the larger structures that we use except that instead of the bellrings it has a strengthened cone.

It has 4 king poles which bear the weight of the plastic membrane and the plastic strengthened cones to which the kingpole is attached. The outside of the Big Top has side poles which stand the roofing membrane 3.50 metres from the ground. Each of the side poles are tensioned with 5.0 tonne ratchet straps down to the stakes.

During assembly the outside perimeter is fixed and stood up, then the telescopic kingpoles are pushed up vertically and tensioned by ratcheting upwards and further tensioning with the ratchet straps around the perimeter.

Size 26x26m
Height 10.5m Working height 8.88m
Sidewall Height 3.5m
Area (Sq M) 672 Sq m
Area (Sq F) 7233 Sq ft
Standing Capacity 1344
Colours Orange and silver​